Ralph Mirrors My Past

You know, I'll be brutally honest here... There are days where I question my love for Disney. Now don't be alarmed, I'll always love Walt Disney's work - from the majority of his animated features to his television show to his best live-action movies to Disneyland itself - and it'll always be a pivotal part … Continue reading Ralph Mirrors My Past


I Can’t Get Angry About Live-Action Remakes Anymore…

Recently, a particular quote from an incredibly divisive entry in a massive franchise has been on my mind... "Not fighting what we hate, saving what we love..." A film released by Walt Disney Pictures no less, the same studio specializing in live-action/CG remakes of their animated features. Those who know me well will know that … Continue reading I Can’t Get Angry About Live-Action Remakes Anymore…


WARNING: Major spoilers for THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX ahead... I saw a "bad" movie and really enjoyed it... Yesterday, Netflix surprise-released The Cloverfield Paradox. The third film in the J. J. Abrams Twilight Zone-esque series of weirdo sci-fi tales, it was - for the longest time - aiming for a theatrical release last year. Delays kept … Continue reading Rottenfield

Nostalgia? Or Something Else? A Personal Story About Drawing and Media

I am often a stern critic of nostalgia. What even is nostalgia? It's the sweet feeling you get when you remember a time in your life, presumably one that occurred long ago. Nostalgia can be triggered by looking at something you once enjoyed, or something you've enjoyed all your life even. To me, it's like … Continue reading Nostalgia? Or Something Else? A Personal Story About Drawing and Media


As a writer, I deal with this problem often. I worry, some times a little too much... Is my work way too similar to [insert film/book/show here]? Yesterday, my blogging and reviewing friend Rachel posted her thoughts on the recently-released animated feature Spark. The film was made by ToonBox and Red Rover International, the Canadian-Korean … Continue reading Imitation?