The One Lovely Blog Award!

Well, fancy that! A few months into running this place, and I’ve been nominated!

I was nominated by my very good friend Simoa, who currently runs Champagne for Lunch. Whenever you get the chance, definitely check out her work. She, like me, is passionate about animation, especially that of Pixar’s! Like myself, she is also a writer, a brilliant one at that! She is also big on classic Hollywood and many other things.


So with this – the One Lovely Blog Award,  you must state seven facts about yourself and then nominate a blog or more that you love…

#1. I really love animation… I mean, it’s in the blog title! Yes, animation has been and will always be a very important and massive part of my life. While I watched various animated works – from my Disney animated classics to the many cartoons they were showing on TV at the time – as a young kid, my passion for it would not blossom until I was in third grade. This was roughly around 2000, when I had seen a roughly 15-minute “Behind the Scenes” special from my VHS copy of The Jungle Book. Then I discovered, some of my other Disney VHS tapes had similar specials at the ends of each respective program! A lifelong drawer, I realized that drawings, drawings, and drawings make up these wonderful works of fantasy and imagination that captivated me at a young age. I love the storytelling that only animation can provide, the sheer artistry, the beauty… These specials got me to love not only the medium itself, but the production aspects and everything else. I love animation history, the production process, all the little stories and fascinating facts, and I’m always searching for more! Animation is in my future, which leads me to…

#2. I write original stories, and want to turn them into animated works in the future… It was roughly around 2000 (that year again!), I was watching The Lion King, its direct-to-video sequel, and The Jungle Book over and over… Then one night I drew some pictures, made a little story out of it… I was eight at the time, so it wasn’t any great shakes, but from there? I wrote and wrote and wrote, and that little string of pictures and words from the post-Christmas days of the year 2000? It evolved into my main, personal, pet project story that I’ve been overhauling the heck out of this year! 16 years in the making! I love fantasy first and foremost, so most of my stories deal with the fantastical, the unreal, the weird, the wilder, the like. Other genres I love are science fiction, action/adventure, and even a good old-fashioned suspense thriller! My goal? Make them into animated movies and TV shows!

#3. I draw them too! And of course, I draw other things… I don’t feel I’m quite as good at drawing, despite my love for doing it, and the fact that I have done it since I was a kid. Yes, I design the characters, the settings, the various sequences, ideas, and whatnot. I continue to draw to this day, aiming to hone my skills and develop distinctive styles that work. Life issues and such impeded my initial growth, but my mission – as a college student – is to grow again. Anyways, as a child, I drew and drew and drew. It was not only an escape, but a way to express everyday problems and situations. Whatever inspired me, be it something in real life or a movie or a game or a book, I had to draw it. My constant need to draw waned during my sometimes toxic high school days, and as detailed on an earlier post, I’m working to bring that spark back.

#4. I am currently majoring in graphic design… Growing up, I’ve always had a fascination of how things using graphics were put together, how they were arranged, how they were composed. I didn’t quite realize this though for a long while, for I was kind of ignorant to what graphic design was. 3 years into college, doing general studies and not much with my future that I am pursuing, I switched my major to graphic design and studio art in general. It didn’t matter that I had lost confidence in my drawing years back, I was going to jump and dive right in, face first… I am so glad I did, for I am now on a path to hone my skills as an artist and a graphic designer. I never realized that it was in me all this time!

#5. I’m a Disney VHS collector… As a kid, I was always fascinated by the packaging of my various Disney VHS tapes. I guess my inner graphic designer was shining here, but everything about these things fascinated me. Probably more so than any other kid out there back then… From the labels used for these various releases (the most notable, from my childhood, were The Classics and the Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection), to the opening preview sequences, to the material they used for the clamshell cases… I was all for this stuff! In 2005, I began collecting once I saw a particular tape that I recalled seeing from time to time as a kid. I had to get it, and when I did, I continued on from and meticulously researched the history of Disney’s home entertainment division. Then to my surprise, by 2006-2007, I realized… There was a plethora of folk out there who were just as obsessive about these things as I am! To this day, I still collect Disney VHS tapes and have a YouTube show about them!

#6. I have Asperger’s syndrome… Time to get a little more personal here. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s as a toddler, and living with it is fascinating, but it can also be an uphill battle. Even now, in a day and age where most people know little about what it is, while other people purport false information and generalizations about it. It could really complicate matters for folk like us. With that said, I am not ashamed of it, I am a proud Aspie through and through. I feel it helps make me, me.

#7. I’m big on music from yesterdecade… And I really don’t care if that’s not a word. I adore pretty much 90% of music recorded from the 1960s, it’s my favorite musical decade… But I also love lots of music from the 70s, the 80s, and pretty much everything before 1960. Whatever it may be, rock ‘n’ roll, blues, country, folk, jazz, metal, soul, bluegrass, psychedelia, classical, R&B, traditional pop, musical soundtracks, film scores, I like to explore! Some favorite artists/bands of mine include The Beatles (you saw that coming), The Beach Boys (that too!), The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Hawkwind, Frank Zappa, Aerosmith, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Frank Sinatra, I could go on and on… I love discovering things I probably would’ve never found by accident, too! Ever hear of… I dunno… The Carnaby? The J.B.’s? Cuby + Blizzards? Yeah I’ll stop there, haha.


retr0pia – Commentary on a lil’ bit o’ everything, from classic games to movies! A super cool guy you should follow on Twitter as well!

54 Disney Reviews – One of a few blogs by my friend and long-time wordpresser Rachel! She loves animation like I do, and several other things! She’s also on twitter!

The Animation Commendation – My good friend Mark’s animation blog, but he tackles other subjects too and then some! He also happens to be on twitter!


  1. Write a blog post accepting your nomination.
  2. Show the blogger who nominated you how much you love them by thanking them in the post and linking to their blog.
  3. Tell us seven things about yourself.
  4. Nominate other blogs that you think are totally rad.
  5. Let the bloggers you’ve nominated know about they’ve received an award.
  6. Post the rules again to let those bloggers know how it works.



3 thoughts on “The One Lovely Blog Award!

  1. No way! You love animation 😉 . Just kidding. I am so glad we have these friends online we can share our passion for animation with. Thanks for the nomination.


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