Retrospective: ‘Spyro the Dragon’, Part 1

Released in the autumn of 1998 for the PlayStation, Insomniac Games' Spyro the Dragon was one of many games that was a staple of my young'un years. Like any good game from any era, it is one that has held up over the years, and one that I continue to enjoy to this very day. … Continue reading Retrospective: ‘Spyro the Dragon’, Part 1


LP Look #2: ’20/20′ and ‘Rarities’

Two Beach Boys LPs this time, one a studio album that quite frankly is kind of a compilation, and the other an actual compilation album... Now funny enough, my previous (and first ever) LP LOOK post featured the Beach Boys studio album that preceded the one that's being focused on here. Friends, released in the … Continue reading LP Look #2: ’20/20′ and ‘Rarities’

Why I’m Looking Forward To ‘Cars 3’, More So Than ‘Toy Story 4’…

Update: In late October, Pixar played musical chairs with Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles 2. Toy Story 4 is now slated to come out in summer 2019, with The Incredibles 2 opening in summer 2018... Pixar's future slate, a line-up peppered with sequels, is a complicated discussion. Another story for another day, but so … Continue reading Why I’m Looking Forward To ‘Cars 3’, More So Than ‘Toy Story 4’…