2011: Life and Animation

I wanted to talk about a certain year in my life for some random reason... For a while, I had somewhat considered 2011 to be a downer year for feature animation. Why this specific, not-so-distant stretch of 365 days you ask? It just sort of came to mind... 2011 was a year of some firsts … Continue reading 2011: Life and Animation


‘Yellow Submarine’ – An Animation Thesis

Fifty years ago, feature animation and popular music came together, and created something glorious. My next pick for "Animation Thesis" is, unlike the three films before it, something that the House of Mouse was never involved with in any way... Yet, the House of Mouse considering doing a remake of it at one point in … Continue reading ‘Yellow Submarine’ – An Animation Thesis

Make Up Your Own Mind

Another year, another live-action Disney film that tried to do something a little different has possibly failed at the box office... Walt Disney Pictures' adaptation of Madeleine D'Engle's arguably-unfilmmable¬†A Wrinkle in Time hit screens this weekend. Backed by vague and unconvincing trailers, the film seemed to get by on its director's pedigree and its refreshingly … Continue reading Make Up Your Own Mind


WARNING: Major spoilers for THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX ahead... I saw a "bad" movie and really enjoyed it... Yesterday, Netflix surprise-released The Cloverfield Paradox. The third film in the J. J. Abrams Twilight Zone-esque series of weirdo sci-fi tales, it was - for the longest time - aiming for a theatrical release last year. Delays kept … Continue reading Rottenfield