10 Writing About Animation DON’TS

Sometimes when you read about animation, whether it's a review of a movie or a piece on the state of animation box office, you often see writers - who aren't quite entrenched in the medium and its rich history - walk into these tiger traps. They write things about animation that indicate that the perception … Continue reading 10 Writing About Animation DON’TS


I Can’t Get Angry About Live-Action Remakes Anymore…

Recently, a particular quote from an incredibly divisive entry in a massive franchise has been on my mind... "Not fighting what we hate, saving what we love..." A film released by Walt Disney Pictures no less, the same studio specializing in live-action/CG remakes of their animated features. Those who know me well will know that … Continue reading I Can’t Get Angry About Live-Action Remakes Anymore…

‘Infinity War’ Appreciation

I love Avengers: Infinity War... Even though I consider Black Panther to be the best of this year's Marvel Cinematic Universe crop, I've really taken a liking to Avengers: Infinity War. It's just such a big, jam-packed, layered entry in the MCU that effortlessly manages to explore over twenty characters, many of which previously established through other films, … Continue reading ‘Infinity War’ Appreciation

Make Up Your Own Mind

Another year, another live-action Disney film that tried to do something a little different has possibly failed at the box office... Walt Disney Pictures' adaptation of Madeleine D'Engle's arguably-unfilmmable A Wrinkle in Time hit screens this weekend. Backed by vague and unconvincing trailers, the film seemed to get by on its director's pedigree and its refreshingly … Continue reading Make Up Your Own Mind


WARNING: Major spoilers for THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX ahead... I saw a "bad" movie and really enjoyed it... Yesterday, Netflix surprise-released The Cloverfield Paradox. The third film in the J. J. Abrams Twilight Zone-esque series of weirdo sci-fi tales, it was - for the longest time - aiming for a theatrical release last year. Delays kept … Continue reading Rottenfield